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Over the past decade, Splash SuperPools has played a leading role in the introduction and expansion of one of the most exciting and family friendly industries to come along in a while. Competitive Dog Diving or, “Dock Diving” is sweeping across North America.

What started as a fun way to spend time with your favorite four-legged friend, soon turned into a very a crowd-pleasing competition where dogs bolt down a raised ramp and then launch themselves and ultimately land in a four feet deep Splash pool. Some of these dogs can almost fly! The original Dock Diving pools were 21’x41’. Today, a typical Splash Dock Diving pool is 21’x49’. The dogs fly farther every year.

Because of Splash’s tenacious pool membrane strength and the fact that our pools are made in the USA, the Splash SuperPool has become the standard from which all other soft sided above ground pools are compared. We provided the first pool used in competitive dock diving and since then have continued to be the largest supplier of pools used for Dock Diving across North America.

There are many organizations involved with the industry. Some operate out of their own club facilities while others have mobile capabilities and travel the US hosting dock diving events and competitions. You can find these dog loving enthusiasts at State Fairs, Boat Shows, Gun Shows and RV Shows. Anywhere a group of people are gathered.

Because Splash Pools are made in the USA and because we have some unique manufacturing capabilities, our pools are also used for canine therapy and rehabilitation. Splash pools are easy to set up and easy to maintain.