• Buying Process

It begins with a dream. You and your family have a unique vision of your own private, backyard eden. You’re ready to make this fantasy a reality, but there is much to contemplate…

  • Your budget
  • Your available space
  • Design/Ambiance
  • Usage (leisure, exercise, etc.)
  • Permanence vs portability
  • Maintenance requirements/Cost of ownership

These are but a few of the initial considerations you need to make before you are resolved in your pool choice.

Splash Pools offers several exceptional pool models that vary in aesthetics and functionality. To further compliment the original equipment, Splash has a vast selection of accessories to meet with your personalization, maintenance, and safety needs.

Our prowess that comes from more than 30 years in the above-ground pool industry is evident in our cutting edge designs for both our residential customers and our commercial customers.

Splash Pools, and our authorized dealers in the United States and abroad are committed to assisting you in your search for your perfect pool whether you want a permanently placed backyard paradise, a portable jet ski/jetovator platform, or anything in between – our pools can pull the duty.

To begin progressing from dream to decision, contact your local Splash Pools authorized dealer for a consultation! They can assist in:

  • How to properly measure your available space
  • Selecting the Splash Pool that best fits your needs and style
  • Pricing
  • Coordinating pick up or delivery
  • Area prep and Splash Pool set up
  • Pool care

Click here to find your nearest authorized Splash Pools dealer and turn your cherished dream into a tangible utopia.