• Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use and ownership, Splash Pools are once again your best choice! With our unrivaled customer support, network of authorized dealers, and online store, you can rest assured that any of your pool ownership needs will be met in a complete and timely fashion.

With our array of Aesthetic options, with our classic designs, we have pools that will easily fit any budget or application.

Splash Pools are affordable at purchase, economical to own, and retain value should you ever decide to disassemble and sell.

Set up and disassembly is a breeze for most DIY minded folks. Ongoing maintenance is easy and economical. Contact your local Splash Pools authorized dealer for guidance on water testing, water treatment, and filter maintenance.

Our pools can be set up in a single location permanently, or moved time and time again.

Whether for residential or commercial use, you cannot beat the ruggedness, dynamic nature, user-friendliness, styling options, nationwide support, and cost-effectiveness of Splash Pools.