You Know You Want a Pool Vacuum

Splash Pools come with a pool filter that rivals the unmatched quality of the pool construction. However, reality is that a pool filter can only do so much. It’s great at helping your pool maintain the pH balance you need it to, but it’s still going to leave behind some dirt and debris. And sometimes, things happen, like a thunderstorm that blows limbs and leaves into your pool.

Enter the pool vacuum. Here at Splash Pools, we’re big believers in pool vacuums and how they can help you — the pool owner — easily keep your pool maintained and the water sparkling.

When to Use It

Your pool vacuum should be used about once a week to get the extra dirt off the sides and bottom of your pool. Even if you can’t see it yourself, rest assured that the dirt is there. Additionally, you should use your vacuum anytime extra debris gets into your pool, such as following a storm. And, if you test your pool water and it needs some major adjusting, in addition to shocking the water with chemical additives, be sure to vacuum the pool too.

What You Need

We offer a suction-side pool vacuum style, such as with the Pentair AutoVac, which means that it attaches to the suction line of your pool to automatically run the vacuum along the interior surface of the pool. Yes, that means you don’t have to manually use it! Keep in mind that this type of cleaner does increase pressure on your filter and does require the pool pump to run.

You can get our Deluxe Maintenance Kit (manual pool cleaning) for a reasonable cost. It comes with an aluminum cleaning poll and leaf net for bigger debris, a curved wall brush, a weighted manual vacuum head, a floating thermometer and test strips.

We also offer an adapter vac plate that allows you to use most suction-side vacuums through your pool’s skimmer, in case you already have one from a previous pool that you need to adapt to your new Splash Pool. Additional maintenance supplies are also available in our online store.

Make the maintenance of your Splash Pool a little bit easier with an automated suction-side pool vacuum. You’ll be glad your water remains sparkling when you use it regularly.