Water Safety Month

Let’s take a look at safety covers, ladders and fences for your pool. http://www.nationalwatersafetymonth.org

May is Water Safety Month. So as you prepare your pool for the summer swimming season, or as you’re considering purchasing a pool, it’s a great time to think about the features that will keep your friends and family safe, and give you peace of mind.

Safety Covers

Safety covers are a great feature for in-ground pools, and above ground pools with decks. Made of woven mesh or solid vinyl, they’re attached with straps to anchors in the pool deck at regular intervals. These covers are specifically designed to keep kids, pets, and even adults from accessing your pool without permission, and safe from accidents. Plus, they’ll keep dirt and debris out of your pool like a regular cover – a win-win! Mesh and solid covers offer different benefits, so be sure to investigate the type that’s best for you.

Locking Ladders and Steps

Locking pool ladders and steps are a great way to keep people out of your above ground pool when you aren’t home, or when children aren’t supervised. These entry systems allow for easy access to the pool when they’re open, but typically feature a way to flip up and lock the outside ladder into place, or a locking gate for security.


Fences are a tried-and-true method of water safety. Whether you install a traditional fence around your pool area, a fence with a locking gate around your pool’s deck, or the unique Splash Fence that installs along the top rail of your Splash Pools SuperPool, it’s a great way to secure your pool, and often required by local laws.

As a pool owner, you could be held responsible for accidents or injuries involving your pool if you haven’t taken steps to make sure it’s properly secured and protected according to the laws of your area. But more importantly, you just want to make sure your friends and family are safe, and are able to enjoy your pool the way you intended. Take some time this Water Safety Month to plan how you can best achieve these goals.