Urban Pool in the City

If you’ve got a patio big enough for some friends to congregate around the grill on a summer afternoon, then you’ve got a patio big enough for a pool, even if you do live in the tight space and close quarters of a big city.

And we’ve got just the pools to maintain that urban vibe and still enjoy yourself! The Dolce Vita Diva and Dolce Vita Playa from Splash Pools.

Water Relaxation in a Super Tight Space 

If your available space is limited but you’re desperate for some water relaxation, then the Dolce Vita Playa is going to provide you with an urban oasis you never expected. Available in three sizes and with an optional sparkling system, the Playa plunge pool is perfect for those spaces where only the finest styling will do.

Kick back on the cushions as you immerse yourself in the water, or have a seat and just dangle your feet. Have a couple of friends over, have a date night in, or just enjoy your Playa all by yourself. Regardless, you’ll know you’re relaxing in sleek, urban style.

Urban Look for an Urban Yard

Now, if you’re looking for an above ground pool with flair and modern appeal, and actually have a yard to work with in your big city living, then the Dolce Vita Diva is your better choice. We’ve taken the traditional above ground pool and wrapped it in a high grade wicker-like exterior — available in Chalk White or Americano Brown — that will stand up to the elements for years to come.

The Dolce Vita line from Splash Pools is a modern take on above ground pool options like no other available on the market. Let us help you find the right size for your tight space. Your neighbors will be so jealous they might actually turn their music down at 3 A.M. from now on, if only they get the chance to occasionally swim in your pool.