Take your pool to the next level with SuperStream

You’ve always wanted a swimming pool of your own. After all, they do provide hours of fun, entertainment, and relaxation. Now, Splash Pools has taken the backyard pool to the next level with SuperStream technology.

For Swimmers

You know that swimming is amazing exercise. But it isn’t always easy to find a place to do it. We don’t all live near open water and besides, swimming in open water isn’t necessarily safe, anyway. And driving to and from your local gym or swim club can be an inconvenient hassle.

With our SuperStream technology generating up to a 4 mph current, you can swim at an effective cardiovascular rate in your own pool, right in your own backyard. You’ll get the workout you want, with the convenience you need.

For General Exercise

SuperStream also provides just the right amount of resistance for truly effective water aerobics, water jogging, and other forms of water exercise. People who need physical therapy, or who are coping with chronic pain or similar conditions also benefit from exercising with the SuperStream without added stress on their joints.

For Family Fun

SuperStream is just plain fun! Go ahead and let the kids play in the current, or use it to help them learn to swim. They are sure to come up with all kinds of fun and games. With SuperStream, the options are endless!

We can add a SuperStream to any SuperPool, POP!, or Diva pool. If a SuperStream interests you, be sure to order it when you order your pool. Because we must specially prepare the liner to accept the SuperStream, it can’t be added to your pool later. When we ship your pool, we’ll include everything you need to fully assemble your pool and SuperStream. Just be sure to have the required 220-volt electric service run by a licensed electrician.

Within a day or two, your family will be enjoying fun in the sun with your new Splash Pool and SuperStream!