Summertime Staycation With a Splash SuperPool at Home

While so many families are headed off on big excursions for the summer, your job or other concerns may be keeping your family at home this year. Your little ones can only go to the zoo so many times before they have it memorized. And those teenagers of yours find pretty much every activity you suggest to be B.O.R.I.N.G!

Of course, all that would change if you put a Splash SuperPool in your backyard. Then you wouldn’t need to go anywhere to have a great time bonding and connecting with your family. It’s the ultimate in staycation fun! And we have a number of options so that you can find something that is perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

  • SuperPool –This is, of course, our signature, most-versatile above ground pool – and the standard-setting design with soft pool sides. There are seven standard sizes available, but building custom sized pools to fit in any space is also one of our specialties! We’ve built pools as small as 4’ x 4’ and as large as 108’ x 312’, along with many imaginable sizes in-between.
  • Omega – Our Omega pools feature the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship found in the SuperPool, but in a round-about way (i.e. they actually are round).
  • TadPool – Offered as an entry-level pool for families with small children the TadPool is only two feet deep and designed with safety in mind.
  • TitanPool3 – This is our above ground pool that’s four feet deep and comes in both rectangular and circular shape options.
  • SuperStream – Our above ground fitness pool creates a water stream up to 4mph and is completely portable!

And remember, Splash Pools has over 40 years of excellence within the industry! Our patented soft-side pool design was the first of its kind and continues to be the most versatile and functional above ground pool design available. Who needs to travel this summer to have fun? Not you!  You can easily have a great summer with your family when you add a Splash pool to your backyard!