SplashFence – When Safety and Security are Priority

fencePurchasing a Splash above ground pool, rather than an in-ground option, is a great way to provide added safety and security for your family, while giving them the joy of a swimming pool in their own backyard. However, any pool is still a danger to young children or pets, so it’s best to take every precaution when safety is of utmost importance.

That’s why we offer the SplashFence. Made of sturdy, rustproof PVC resin, the SplashFence takes your pool safety up a notch. It installs around the edge of your new or existing SplashPool, increasing the access point into the pool by over two feet, which is likened to scaling a wall for pool access. Engineered to withstand impact, the SplashFence stands strong, even in the toughest thunderstorm. And you can rest assured that sun damage is of little concern, since the SplashFence is formulated for UV stabilization.

As an added bonus, the access ladder that comes with your SplashFence, raises and locks into an upward position when not in use, creating a complete fencing system for protection and safety. Packaged in pre-assembled modular section, the SplashFence is shipped to you in three basic configurations to address the corner, ladder, and wall section of the pool. It’s easily installed and designed to meet most local and national guidelines for pool security and safety.

Whether you are looking to protect your children from unsupervised access to the pool, or simply want to have more control over who uses your pool at any given time, the SplashFence is a great addition to any of our SplashPool models. As an added bonus, customization is available when ordering a custom –sized pool, too.