Safety Alarms for Your Above Ground Pool

We realize that safety and security are a top priority for any pool owner, especially with small children and pets. While the SplashFence is a great step toward insuring that your Splash above ground pool is safe, consider also utilizing alarms to give you added peace of mind.

Floating Pool Water Alarm

A floating alarm, like the Poolguard Safety Buoy, will tell you when someone gets into – or falls into – the pool. The Safety Buoy, for example, floats on the water and uses sub-surface detection technology. The remote receiver – installed in your house – goes off if the water is breached.

It cannot be deactivated once installed, always in alarm-ready mode unless you manual put it in sleep mode when you want to use your pool (and alarm will sound if it’s removed from the pool as well). Once you put the Safety Buoy back in the pool, it will automatically turn back on. It is battery operated, so it’s recommended that you test the alarm every time you use your pool, so that it never runs out of power when you need it most.

Poolside Water Alarm

A poolside attached alarm, such as the Pool Eye PE23, has a base unit that attaches to the side of your above ground pool and a receiver installed indoors up to 100 feet away. The advanced technology analyzes surface and sub-surface waves, and detects objects weight 15 or more pounds, to determine whether an alarm is necessary (which means limited false alarms). Programming is done with the use of a magnetic key to prevent tampering, and the system has a low battery indicator so your family is always safe.

Child/Pet Bracelet Alarm

An alarm like the Safety Turtle makes a great secondary precaution. Simply, your child wears a turtle wristband (or your pet wears it through an attachment for the collar) and you plug the receiver into an outlet in your home. It’s always ready, and the receiver goes off as soon as the turtle gets wet. Multiple wristbands are available and can be used with the same receiver. Plus, it’s portable, allowing you to easily take it on vacation or to a friend’s house.

Your family’s safety is also our top priority at SplashPools. We’re happy to assist you in utilizing all the pool safety tools available.