superstream pool

Swimming is one of the best exercises a person can do. With the SuperStream, you can stay active in an exercise program without putting undue stress on joints, ligaments, or your pocketbook.

Whether you’re interested in cardiovascular exercise, long distance endurance training, injury rehabilitation, or just an efficient way to burn a few calories, SuperStream is the product for you. This unique pool accessory is great for swimming, aqua aerobics, aqua jogging and various other resistance training activities. Senior citizens, athletes, swimming enthusiasts, persons requiring physical therapy, and chronic pain sufferers can all benefit from the wide range of hydrotherapy exercise features of the SuperStream.

The SuperStream counter current system can generate up to a 4mph current in your pool. That’s more than enough to keep most swimmers stroking at an effective cardio workout rate.  Swimming coaches can utilize this unique training pool to get up close and personal with their swimmers while assessing stroke technique and performance. But this great pool is more than just a venue for serious swimmers, it’s also serious fun for the entire family.

We can add the SuperSteam to any SuperPool.  Because we need to prep the liner to accept the SuperStream in advance, you’ll need to order the SuperStream at the time of your original pool purchase.

Your SuperStream is pre-packaged with parts and accessories needed for immediate use. It will take two people an afternoon to fully assemble the pool. 220-volt service will be required and should be provided by a licensed professional electrician. Then, just add water!