Splash Pools Accessories

A complete suite of original and hand-selected accessories for your Splash pool including: safety ladders, chlorine generation systems, lighting, pool cleaners, safety fencing and more. Each accessory is chosen to accompany your pool and enhance your backyard living experience.



SplashVac Automatic Pool Cleaners
The SplashVac automatic pool cleaner offers four cleaning patterns to choose from, and enough hose to use on virtually any of the Splash pools. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool with the SplashVac.


Solar Covers

Each Solar Cover is custom fitted to the exact size and shape of your Splash Pool. The Solar Cover is a great way to heat your pool while keeping it free from dust and leaves.



The SplashBlox replace the need for wood support by providing a solid base. The SplashBlox come in an attractive grey color and can withstand more than one ton of water weight under each buttress leg. Give your Splash pool the support it needs by asking for your SplashBlox today.



The SplashLadder is designed and manufactured by Splash for our family of pools. The SplashLadder offers easy accessibility, simple setup and features swing away removable steps. The Ladder will lock in the up position to block entry for safety purposes. Maximum capacity on the ladder is 350 lbs.


White LED Light

This LED light uses the brand new LED technology. Options are accessible
by using the off/on switch


  • White LED’s
  • It can be easily assembled and installed in just a few minutes
  • Power consumption: 7W
  • Number of LED bulbs: 102

Splash Towel Rack

At the end of the day when it’s time to get out and dry off your towel is just an arm’s reach away. Made of the same high-strength aluminum supports that we use on our SplashFence our towel rack will hold several towels ready for your call!


Winter covers

Like our solar covers, our winter covers are custom made to fit the specific size and shape of your Splash pool. The winter cover is an ideal way to protect your pool from the elements, should you decide to keep your Splash pool up all year long.


Solar Cover Reels

Maintaining your Solar Cover has never been easier. The Solar Cover Reel attaches easily to the top of any rectangular Splash pool, allowing you to reel in your cover at the simple turn of a handle.



Add decor to any Splash Pool with Splash fountains. These fountains offer the soothing sound of running water while lowering the water temperature at the same time.


Splash Drink Holder

Now you can enjoy an ice cold drink of your favorite beverage without ever leaving the pool. With the Splash Drink Holder you can place three different beverages in the holders to keep your drinks while you enjoy the water and fun. Using the same high-strength aluminum supports that we use on our fencing system along with a piece of shaped lexan and cup holders the Splash Drink Holder will hold your drinks for many years to come.



Maintaining your pool has never been easier, thanks to the Splash Maintenance Kit. It provides all the tools necessary for proper upkeep:

5′-15′ aluminum cleaning pole, leaf net, 18″ curved wall brush, weighted manual vacuum head, floating thermometer, bottle of five way water test strips and 35′ length of vacuum hose.


Splash Fence

Splash Super Pools Limited, “The Leader In Soft-Sided Pool Technology”, introduces the SplashFence. Safety comes first at Splash and that explains why Splash is the only manufacturer of soft-sided pools to address pool protection by increasing safety from unwanted access to your pool.

Add safety and security to your Splash SuperPool with the revolutionary SplashFence. The SplashFence is made from a sturdy, rust proof PVC resin that is engineered to withstand impact and formulated for Ultra Violet (UV) stabilization. It will offer years of maintenance free service while providing an attractive barrier for access to your Splash Pool.

The SplashFence is designed specifically for SuperPools. It securely attaches to the Splash SuperPool wall and will move with the walls during usage. Packaged in pre-assembled modular sections in three basic configurations to address the corner, ladder and wall sections of the pool. Add safety and security to your Splash SuperPool for just a fraction of the cost of installing wooden or chain link fencing.