Looking for durability? You’re looking for Splash Pools.

When you’re shopping for an above ground pool, there are a lot of things to consider. Size and depth, of course. Price, definitely. Attractiveness, sure. Durability – if that’s not on your list, it should be. A pool is an investment, not only of your money, but also of your time.

You’re going to put time into preparing the site, possibly constructing a deck, fence or other structures, caring for the pool and more. Imagine putting that much in, for the pool to begin to fall apart in just a few years. It happens. But not with Splash Pools And we’ll tell you why:.

Our pools are made in the USA at our factory in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and backed by the industry’s best warranties. We stand behind what we sell, and if you ever experience an issue, we make claim resolution quick and easy.

Our pools are supported by zinc-coated steel frames. Our process of shaping an varnishing ensures years of trouble-free use.

Our liners are, well, revolutionary. They’re the strongest on the market. Durable. And treated with a special coating that prevents dirt from sticking to exposed areas, and protects against damage from UV light, mildew and fungi. Compare us based on seams, puncture strength and tear resistance and you’ll quickly find – there is no comparison.

Our skimmers are proprietary. The second point of suction means if debris or a toy gets into the top of the skimmer, it will continue to draw water. This keeps your pump from running dry and burning up. Plus, the skimmer will travel 8.5 inches with the pool water level, so it’s always skimming the surface. It’s another way the design helps ensure the pump doesn’t run dry and burn up, thereby prolonging pump life.

At Splash Pools, we’ve been making quality above ground pools for more than 30 years, and we stand behind our products. Need a little more convincing? Listen to what our customers have to say.