Considerations Before Buying an Above Ground Pool

How exciting that you’ve decided an above ground pool is the best pool option for your backyard! Your family will be so happy to have this great way to spend time together, have fun, relax and enjoy the sun, just steps from your door!

But, before you take that plunge (pun intended!), there are still some things you should consider before you buy your new above ground pool.

Size and Shape

It’s better to determine the size and shape you want for your above ground pool before you decide on the brand – after all, whatever company you buy from needs to have what you’re looking for. Measure your available space in your backyard, keeping in mind that whatever pool you install needs to have approximately six feet of breathing room from other structures (in other words, measure the space and subtract six feet from the dimensions to get the maximum size for your pool).

SplashPools offers both rectangular and circular above ground pool options, ranging in size from 9×17 to 21×41 feet premade standard size options. Additionally, building custom sized pools to fit in any space is one of our specialties. We’ve built pools as small as 4×4 feet and as large as 108×312 feet, as well as several sizes in-between.

Pool Installation

You’ll need to make sure the area of your yard where the pool will be is level – this is critical for balancing your pool water and optimizing maintenance. So you may need to do some excavation of the area, or even install a concrete patio if that’s the route you choose.

You also need to decide if you want a pool you install yourself or to order from a dealer who will install it for you. It’s also important to determine if you want your above ground pool to be a permanent fixture in your backyard (required winterization and opening every year) or something that comes down at season end and gets put back up in spring, as this will have some bearing on DIY installation. SplashPools have the versatility of being up all year or coming down at season end, as well as self-installation or installed by a dealer. It’s simply determining what works best for you.

There are, of course, a variety of personal choices that go into an above ground pool purchase, including the filtration system you want to use, the brand of chemicals you prefer and a variety of other small decisions. At SplashPools, we’re happy to help you figure all of that out before or along the way.