We’ll Make Installation Easy for You – Dolce Vita

Our Dolce Vita line of Splash SuperPools are stylish, elegant and sleek. There’s no denying that their unique to the above ground pool market and we’re proud of that fact. We’re also proud of the ease of installation and maintenance we can offer.

Preparation – Concrete Foundation

You’ll need a perfectly leveled and smooth concrete pad where the pool will go. Knowing this will help you prepare for the installation process and help you decide what size Dolce Vita pool to get. The pad needs to be at least 3.2 feet longer than the length of the pool and 3.2 feet wider than the width of the pool.

Check your local building code for guidance on how thick the concrete foundation needs to be. We do recommend a minimum thickness of four inches and a minimum compression rate of 3000 pounds. A steel mesh reinforcement is a must for stability. We tell you all of this in case you want to have someone else do the concrete work, but we can also include this process in our installation of your pool.

Assembly – Dolce Vita Diva

All the parts are engineered for a smooth and straight forward assembly. Precision and attention to the details of alignment are key. Once the structure is aligned and fastened to the concrete slab, the installer will connect the liner to the frame, followed by the fittings and the LED lights.

Filling the pool with water is next and then structure adjustments for final alignment of the pool. Hardware for the outer panels are installed, the panels are fastened to the pool and the ladder put in place. Voila. Your pool is ready for a swim!

We realize that you might find this breakdown too simplistic and are likely skeptical. We assure you, the assembly process is smooth for a certified installer. A DIY project is certainly manageable, but may take a little more time to complete. Either way, once the concrete dries and your Dolce Vita above ground pool arrives, you’ll be swimming in practically no time at all!