Give Your Backyard a Pop! of Color

Deciding to install an above ground swimming pool in your backyard can be very exciting! The anticipation of a summer full of splashing fun; we know your kids (and you!) are anxious.

We also know the importance of a backyard design that is visually appealing and, the reality is, traditional above ground pools aren’t always… how do we say it?… pleasing to the eye when you’re working toward an inviting backyard living space. They are all the same, drab shades of gray, white, and blue. There may be few ways to individualize the look and design.

Well, Splash Pools would like to throw those preconceived notions out the window. Introducing Pop! pools from Splash, giving you the opportunity to add vibrancy to your backyard visual. For anyone with a fun and joyful personality and design inspiration, Pop! pools are the way to go!

The walls of Pop! pools are available in five colors:

Sea sand

Butterfly lilac

Caterpillar green

Ladybug red

Turquoise blue

There are also five sizes available: 9×17, 13×17, 13×21, 13×25 and 17×29.5. You can design your entire outdoor living space around your favorite Pop! pool color, or pick a color that complements your already present design. Either way, you’d have an above ground pool the likes of which your neighbors, friends, and family have probably never seen before!

Pop! pools also have the soft membrane walls that Splash Pools is famous for developing – strength and comfort all rolled into one. The pools all come standard with our Splash Safety Ladder, which is securely attached to the structure of the pool so it won’t twist or flip when in use. You can also flip up the ladder when not in use and secure it in an upright position, preventing unsupervised access to the water for little ones.

If an above ground pool is right for you, but you want something with flair, then we recommend a Pop! pool from Splash Pools!