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Inground swimming pool
Inground swimming pools
Inground swimmnig pools: reinventing the aquatic experience
Splash offers a variety of swimming pools, custom built, to meet the different requirements of our non-residential customers. Whether you are in need of temporary water or a permanent solution as part of an aquatic facility, Splash can design a pool to meet your specific needs.

Bluespring has been engineered for use in a commercial and public pool setting to meet the varying needs of aquatic programs, specifically competitive swim training.

Bluespring is custom built to meet the pool owner’s particular needs and is available in virtually any width and length..


The SportsPool is only one of its kind and has been used for more than 30 years to meet the unique needs of our non-residential customers.

The SportsPool offers a variety of sizes as a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent option in order to accommodate the user’s requirements. Whether you are in need of a pool to be used as part of any exhibition or an addition to your aquatics program, the SportsPool is the perfect and affordable complement.

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