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Inground swimmnig pools: reinventing the aquatic experience

Bluespring has been engineered for use in a commercial and public pool setting to meet the varying needs of aquatic programs, specifically competitive swim training.

Bluespring is custom built to meet the pool owner’s particular needs and is available in virtually any width and length. Additionally, the pool can be either a uniform depth (standard) or incorporate varying depths necessary to meet the specific needs of the pool’s users.

The pool’s modular design provides aquatic programs the ability to incorporate a pool into various environments as part of new construction or a remodeling project, while offering a reduced timeframe for installation. Furthermore, the ability to locate the pool in-ground or above-ground to meet the particular needs of the pool owner provides flexibility to meet site and budget constraints, while not sacrificing on quality and design integrity.

Bluespring is engineered utilizing modular construction that incorporates reinforced interior wall panels constructed of either galvanized or stainless steel, joined together to form the pool wall and overflow channel system. The wall panels are supported by engineered-structural steel elements designed and constructed to support applied pressures from the water and the world’s strongest swimmers.

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